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MLS Company Update




We are pleased at the continuing success of Tools 4 Students and love hearing from our users. We hear two requests and our engineers are busy looking into them. 1. Allow students to write as much as they want and then access that additional writing once the document has been emailed. 2. Have additional options for saving the documents.While our engineers are working to add these enhancements I am glad to announce that we will be launching twenty-four additional graphic organizers in our next update due out this spring. We will be adding templates to used to help student writing, document and artifact analysis, chapter note and summary taking, as well as a daily classroom diary.

Read N Respond has launched with great success and we have heard from many of you that you would like a seventh page that has a mix of Blooms levels in the questions. Our writers are working on that and it will come in an update this summer. We love hearing from our users and always look for ways to make our apps more useful for both teacher and student.

We just secured the purchase of a very exciting new product that I guarantee every literature classroom will have to have. We cannot tell you the details as it is still too new but look for it to be released this spring and we will explain why it is a must – have app.

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