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Front Row Vocab




Name: Front Row Vocab
Fee or Free: FREE
Rating 5/5 stars
Ages: 12-21
Devices: iPhone/iPod Touch
Front Row Vocab - Front Row Education



Wow! I love this app! Front Row Vocab features the most common SAT and GRE level words in a format that is more dynamic and reflective than any flash card. Launch the app and it will guide you through reading some simple sentences, answering a few questions, and writing some sentences using the vocabulary words. It repeats in later lists words that you missed. The app prompts the user to use the app 5 minutes every day and if done, then inevitably the users vocabulary will increase. Everyone knows that research has shown that the higher your vocabulary, the higher your earning power. But it doesn’t stop there, there is a built-in learn a word a day as the app daily sends words and their definitions to your device. This app offers incredible value for FREE.

Front Row features

* An innovative scoring system to let you track your progress and see how far you are from mastering the vocabulary

* Compete against others who are using the app – see how you are doing relative to them

* Quizzes that learn what you know, and help you figure out what you don’t know

* 5 types of quiz questions that make sure you are learning rather than memorizing

* Sentences that show you how words are used, not just their meanings

* Easily review words by starring sentences that you can come back to

* Prompts to help you write your own sentences – let the words enter your every day vocabulary

* Add more words to learn!

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