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CompareNContrast Released




Exciting news! Over the holidays we launched our third graphic organizer app – CompareNContrast. Knowing that CompareNContrast is a writing skill often required on standardized tests, we created this app so teachers can focus instruction and provide practice for students at all levels. The app places two photos side-by-side above a format similar to a Venn diagram. Students begin by listing details that are unique to each photo then list traits that are shared by both photos in a center box. When they have completed the organizer if they choose to email the organizer it is duplicated at the top of the email giving them room below to actually write an essay or a sentence below the organizer. For schools that do not allow in school emails users can take a screen shot of their reply by quickly pressing both the home and on/off button on the device. The image is saved to the device’s photo album where it can be printed or viewed. There are 35 different compare and contrast scenes depicted presenting situations that are both easy and difficult to compare.

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