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What We’ve Done

K-2 Mobile Reading

Price: $24.99 | Grades: Grades PreK-2

  • The library of 100 books is leveled to Reading Recovery.
  • A teacher/admin portal provides in-app management of 30 students.
  • All books have embedded comprehension with correlations to Common Core.
  • Engaging narration accompanies each story.

Tools 4 Students 2

Price: $.99 | Grades: 5 - 12

  • 25 different vocabulary and comprehension organizers
  • Students type in their response noting the book and page numbers when appropriate.
  • Email finished organizer, save to device, save as PDF or save to dropbox.
  • Re-use the same organizer again and again.

The Magic of the Music

Price: $1.99 | Grades: 2 - 4

  • Audio and video features bring a deeper level of understanding to the text.
  • Fun, interactive geography lesson encourages readers to use maps and scale of miles to calculate distance.
  • Use the record feature and add your own songs.
  • Traces family heritage and change over time meeting NCSS standards.

Book Chat

Price: FREE | Grades: 5 - 8

  • Chat with other teens reading the same book as you.
  • Intrigued by the discussion but don’t have the book? No problem, buy it from within the app.
  • Add your own discussion questions.
  • Suggest books for the app.

Read N Respond

Price: $.99 | Grades: 2 - 4

  • Can be used with textbooks, novels, app books, poetry, film, presentations – anything one reads or listens to.
  • Support student-led instruction and have students choose the field and the task they wish to accomplish.
  • Use the forms as a group activity in lit circles.

Compare N Contrast

Price: $.99 | Grades: 2 - 8

  • The ability for users to create unlimited compare and contrast scenarios comparing photos to photos, text to text or photos to text.
  • 35 sets of photos connected to a graphic organizer.
  • Practice in a skill that is integral to Common Core Standards and is included in standardized testing

Tools 4 Students

Price: $.99 | Grades: 2-6

  • 25 graphic organizers  covering basic comprehension skills such as main idea, sequencing, compare and contrast, and word meaning.
  • Type in your responses noting the book and page numbers when appropriate.
  • Email completed organizers, save as PDF, or save to dropbox.
  • Save the ones you wish to keep to the device and refer back to later.