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Check out a revolutionary website chock full of tools to help teachers teach children to read, . The TextDemands website is available for FREE. It gives subscribers data for over 3,000 pieces of text from trade books, book apps, short stories, speeches, to poetry. Text Demands returns readability levels, text complexity represented by quantitative and qualitative data, and word lists specific to each text with Academic and SAT words identified. Teachers can use the data in TextDemands to create the structure from which to build their own reading instruction.

Text Demands is an innovative solution because…

Unlike any leveling system we level text pre-k thru adult
Unlike any leveling system we level any kind of text: poetry, speeches, book apps,
documents. lyrics, short stories, articles…
Unlike any system we give three vocabulary lists for every piece of text: All Words, Familiar Words, Challenging Words
Unlike any system we note Academic Words and SAT study words that are in each piece
of text


Send kids to the library on their own and there is a 90% chance they cannot find a book they can read and they certainly will not find a nonfiction book. Fiction books are organized by author. No author writes all their books at the same readability level, even if you are 6 and happen to know an author you like, so it is a hunt for children to find a book they can read and more often than not needs the help of a Librarian or another adult to get even close.

On top of that, research shows children actually like nonfiction best but most libraries put children’s nonfiction in a totally separate room and even at that, many mix children’s nonfiction with adult. Nonfiction is grouped by topic so a child has to know exactly what topic they want, figure out where in the library to find it, and then wade through the books to see if there happens to be one that he/she might be able to read. This severely limits a child’s ability to access any nonfiction and certainly limits their curiosity or chance of stumbling onto a topic that might grab their interest.

We propose organizing all children’s libraries by their Text Demand Level, mixing nonfiction and fiction together.

Because the text demand level works with any reader pre-K through adult, all books in a library can be leveled and organized by numerical order. This would enable every reader to find a book on his or her own, a book they could ACTUALLY read, including nonfiction. It would then make those trips to the library nonthreatening and most important of all – successful. Allowing almost all readers to independently find their own books frees up librarians and gives them time to attend to more important things. Struggling readers would not be threatened as they could easily find books they can access and gifted readers are free to explore.

Please check out and uncover all its potential.
Uncover the demand made on readers for over 3,000 reading resources for FREE.

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