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  • What We Do: Services

    We are a full-service company for apps in the K-8 Mobile Learning arena. We build apps. We provide app marketing and sales support. We make sure you know how to use apps by offering training and consulting. What can we do for you?

  • What We’ve Done: Apps

    We partnered with Kaeden Books and built K-2 Mobile Reading. We worked with the Ronstadt family and built The Magic of the Music. We built our own apps, Tools 4 Students, CompareNContrast, ReadNRespond and Book Chat. In addition, we recently launched our first web site, which returns qualitative and quantitative data on tradebooks, poetry, speeches, letters, song lyrics and documents.  What can we do for you?

  • What Others Say: Reviews

    “I love CompareNContrast for my ELL kids. It prepares them for that section on the AZELA.” Lucy T.

    Tools4Students is a “teacher’s dream.★★★★★” by 1235nb

    Tools4Students is “perfect for the classroom ★★★★★” by Tom L.

    “ReadNRespond is perfect to use with my lit circle groups. I use them as discussion starters when the students are choosing which one to write to. The questions are creative and get my students to really think.” Beth P.

Company News

K-2 Mobile Reading

This is exciting. In a session at ISTE the presenter of Lego Story Starter recommended Tools4Students as a great way for students to organize their thinking before they begin their … Continue reading

1   Tools4Students 2 just launched as a new .99 cent app with 25 more graphic organizers bringing the total to 50! In this new batch we have include 7 organizers … Continue reading